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We’re proud to produce some of Vancouver’s most powerful conversations.

ThinkSpace Podcast

The ThinkSpace Podcast is a home for the passionately curious, where you’ll hear deliberate conversations with weekly guests that spark your creativity and bring real value to the table. Listen for actionable and inspiring conversations that can propel you forward. Hosted by Joss Biggins and produced by Self Hired in Vancouver, Canada

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NOW Podcast

Exploring what it means to live a good life. Thoughtful conversations about performance, resilience, purpose, values, mindful living, meaning and spirituality.

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FWE Podcast

Dive into the minds of some of Canada’s successful entrepreneurs with The Go-To: For Entrepreneurs in the Know, produced in collaboration with The Scotiabank Women Initiative™. Covering topics that are fundamental to growing a company, from fundraising to branding, social impact and much more. Its short and impactful conversations will leave you with tangible resources and entrepreneurial secrets to help you elevate your business.

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Dice Lemons Podcast

Diced Lemons is your inside guide to the entertainment industry’s leading tastemakers. The host Dj Floetic takes you on a hilarious journey with weekly guests touching on how to perfect your craft, the power of culture, stories you wouldn’t hear in the streets, and honoring those who came before us. Diced Lemons launched on January 6th 2020 and airs every second monday.

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