One Million Trees

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This year, the Canadian forestry industry is expected to plant over 300 million trees and even more next year. Recent forest fires combined with prime minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign promise to plant over 2 billion trees have created a climate in need of tree planters. More significantly, humanity’s last 200 years of industrialization has created a climate in need of tree planters.

Canada’s silviculture industry sets a unique precedent for tree planting, there is no other country in the world that has been planting as many trees and for as long as Canada.   In Canada, everybody knows someone who knows a tree planter. That’s because the silviculture industry here has been operating and developing for over 60 years. This has allowed an entire subculture to develop. These people live unconventionally and work seasonally. The unique combination of employment freedom and intense discipline required to do the work is what makes the people who do it so unique.

This is the first-ever documentary about tree planting which was made by tree planters themselves. Featuring a full soundtrack of original music including the title track of Winnipeg artist Amos the Kid’s debut album  ‘Mountain View’, this documentary is a medley of music and fringe culture packed into a real-life coming of age story.

One Million Trees:
A documentary by Self Hired and CBC
(2020 | 44 MIN)

One Million Trees is available on CBC Gem  and will air on CBC Television Saturday NOVEMBER 7th at 8 pm in BC and Alberta.



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