We help our clients build connections and community the same way we build ours, through authentic storytelling.

Our Values

Self Hired is deeply rooted in the value of being self-reliant, and self-motivated. We know that anything can be done with the right tools and mindset. Our code is the following:
  • Community comes first
  • Loyalty above all
  • Transparency always wins
  • Genuine by nature
  • Compassion is at the heart of all we do
Working with us is like working with your friends, we’ll tell you like it is and make sure you win.

Our Core Creators

Kevin Wong

Co-Founder, Creative Director

An expert in content creation, and branding; Kevin has worked with independent artists, entertainers, and brands to produce industry leading consumable content. As well as directing a decade worth of music videos, documentaries, profile pieces & branded lifestyle content over a variety of industries. Kevin has nurtured and developed our local Self Hired community for 10 plus years.

Summan Kandola

Project Lead, Producer

Summan is a hybrid creative offering insight and expertise on the entire scope of a project. She is skilled in crafting an idea, organizing it into life form, and optimizing it for the platform where your community hangs out.

Mike Smaill

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Working closely with our Creative Director, Mike manages the day to day business operation and business development at Self Hired. In addition, he possesses a creative vision and strong technical expertise, which allows him to wear multiple hats during a project’s life cycle.

Kevin Han

Producer, Director

A lover of books and a student of philosophy, Kevin is dedicated to finding the most powerful moments on camera and translating them intro stories that match a brands values and community. Kevin is instrumental in generating original content ideas and bringing them to the screen.

Val Artamonov

Production Coordinator

Val is the cornerstone to our production team, coordinating the variety of technical aspects of a project. He ensures that everyone has what they need, when they need it, to get things done.

Off the Cuff Series

A behind the scene look at daily life of Self Hired.

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